If you are looking to reinforce your desired-feelings by getting peptalked into feeling good and getting a pat on the back; you might want to look somewhere else. However, if you’ve heard enough empty-motivation and you are now ready for true-transformation; you have come to the right place. You have one life to live. Life is precious and life is short; cherish every moment of life. It is your self-given-right and your self-responsibility to live the best life possible. You are your best friend; improve your Self constantly and consistently so that you can make each day a better day than the day before. Stop being shackled to the outside and start freeing your Self from within.
To feel good…you must think well.

Dr. Vahé Ohanessian

If you feel negative more often than you feel positive and if your negativities arise faster and last longer than your positivities; you are simply a normal human-being.

in its most simple form of definitions means
"the state of being connected"

  1. The root word for relationship comes from the verb “to relate”, which means “having a sense or a state of being related”.
  2. The same root word of “to relate” is also the root word for “relative” which means “having a relation”.
  3. Therefore, we have a “relationship” with everything and everyone else hence we have a sense or a state of how we “relate” to everything and everyone else.
  4. When we have a relationship and when we relate with everything and everyone else, we are “relative” to everything and everyone else.
  5. And since we also relate to, have a relationship with and we are also relative with our own Self; therefore, we have “Self-Relativity” with our own Self and with everything and everyone else.

We often think things
and we do things
we want to feel good;
not because
they are good for us.

The Truth
is often Uncomfortable

The need to avoid pain, to feel good, or at the minimum, to feel less-bad; is the main cause of our bad decisions, our incorrect actions and our inability to change and improve.

The truth is often uncomfortable and when forced to face the dislikeable-truth, our emotional tendency is to ignore, deny and deflect in order to avoid getting in touch with the dislikable-truth and to create, support and preserve the preferred thoughts that make us feel good. We ignore, deny and even attack the truth or the messenger because the truth does not match our preferred feel-good perspective; even though that perspective might be incorrect, fallacious and nonfactual.






Change and improvement are not singular events;
They are continuum of events in the process of life.

Many of us incorrectly think, sit and wait for an event to change our life for the better. Neither change, nor improvement nor life itself are as a result of an event; but they are as a continuum of events therefore no event should be final as long as we are alive.

Failure or success, setback or progress are simply steppingstone events in the process of life. As long as we don't let any event become final, we can use every event, good or bad, to move forward with betterment and by improving the quality of our life into the future.

This is why we must become self-reliant and take personal-responsibility to continuously tweak and adjust the events in our life towards betterment of the ongoing process of our life.

As long as we don't let an event become final; the process continues to evolve.