10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments
for Self-Improvement

To change and to self-improve we must not only understand how to make the change but we must also know what we need to change in order to improve. For things to change and improve, we must first minimize and eliminate negativities so that we can then focus on increasing positivities in our lives.

The 10-Enemies for self-Improvement explain the negative-contributors that must be addressed in order for us to be able to get on the path of change and improvement. After becoming aware and by understanding the influence of these negative-contributors on our existence, we can then begin to focus on the things that we need to pay attention to in order to get on the path of change and improvement.

Theory of Self-Relativity has termed the following necessary attributes for change and improvement as the “10 Commandments for Self-Improvement”. Since change and improvement are not events but they are ongoing lifelong processes therefore awareness, understanding and implementation of these 10 Commandments will be helpful in changing negativities effectively so that we can begin to experience positivity and happiness more frequently.

  1. Desire & Introspection: Thou shalt want to improve thy weaknesses.
  2. Self-First, Centered-Self: Thou shalt prioritize thy Self before others; but not at the expense of others.
  3. Factual-Thinking: Thou shalt think and live factually with facts, evidence and reason.
  4. Minimizing Negativity: Thou shalt minimize, resolve and eliminate negativity before reaching positivity and happiness.
  5. Independence & Self-Reliance: Thou shalt rely on thy Self and minimize dependency on others.
  6. Control & Certainty: Thou shalt create and maintain control and certainty.
  7. Self-Agency & Personal-Responsibility: Thou shalt take responsibility for thy Self.
  8. Complementary; not Completing: Thou shalt be complete by thy Self.
  9. Abundance & Choice: Thou shalt live in abundance and with choice.
  10. Change: Thou shalt change constantly, consistently and continuously.