Dr. Vahé Ohanessian

About Dr. Vahé Ohanessian

Dr Vahé Ohanessian is the author of Theory of Self-Relativity and the Founder of System of Self-Relativity. Dr. Vahé Ohanessian D.D.S. has also been a practicing dentist for over two decades and has extensive experience in interacting with patients on a one-on-one basis.

From early years in his life, Dr. Vahé Ohanessian was a multi-perspective observer and thinker as he was always aware of the relativities of his “Self” with other-people and with other-things. Despite his awareness and multi-perspective abilities, Dr. Ohanessian just like everyone else thought things and did things that were sometimes emotional-based rather than based on facts and evidence. Despite self-made success, Dr. Vahé just like many others also experienced setbacks in his life which were mainly due to the influence of his emotions on his decisions and actions. Just like many, Dr. Vahé subscribed to and relied on traditional-beliefs, familial and cultural teachings and motivational states of mind; however, as he moved through life, he began to realize that his thoughts and interactions were not in complete sync with factual-reality.

In early 2017, the almost fatal accident pictured below was the turning point in Dr. Ohanessian’s recognition of his life’s circumstance and evaluation of his relationships with others and with himself.

Having been a cognizant and self-aware person, Dr. Ohanessian began to evaluate the results and consequences of his actions and interactions with people and he realized one common factor in all of them; his “Self”!

By recognizing the central position that the “Self” takes in guiding his life, Dr. Vahé Ohanessian took it upon him “Self” to transform personal-development, self-improvement and coaching and mentorship industries by identifying, observing and understanding why we think things and do things that we do despite not achieving favorable outcomes or despite experiencing setbacks and negativities. Dr. Ohanessian recognized that the core problem in our inability to progress and succeed is because of the clash between our feelings and our thoughts. Dr. Vahé who considered himself to be a person who loved giving and doing things for others realized that just like many, he was more focused on pleasing others than he was in taking care of his own “Self”. As discussed in detail throughout Theory of Self-Relativity;

We cannot be good to others if we don’t not know how to be the best for our own “Self”.

It is because of his personal experiences and perspectives as well as his observations and over ten thousand hours of research in psychology, physics and philosophy that Dr. Vahé Ohanessian has created and put together one of the most comprehensive and “repeatable” formats for personal-development and self-improvement ever. Dr. Ohanessian takes great pride in attempting to explain the complexities of our lives and our interactions with others in a simple to understand and flowable format. Dr. Ohanessian’s goal is to be able to provide information and knowledge to others so that they could improve their lives toward contentment, fulfillment and ultimately more frequent and longer lasting episodes of happiness.