The Solution

The Solution

Theory of Self-Relativity bases its approach on what it has coined as the Principle of “Psychophysosophy”. Theory of Self-Relativity describes Psychophysosophy as a system that is a confluence of the scientific principles of Psychology, Physics and Philosophy.
  1. Psychology: Matters of thoughts, feelings and behavior and their interactions and relativities to each other.
  2. Physics: Matters of matter and energy and their interactions and relativities to each other.
  3. Philosophy: Matters of the mind, thinking and existence and their interactions and relativities to each other.

Theory of Self-Relativity focuses on how our thinking makes us who we are and how we interact and relate with everything and everyone else. Theory of Self-Relativity considers everything to be physical and matter-based in their origin and this material nature of things is what gives rise to the psychological aspect of sentient-beings and the philosophical aspect of intellectual-existence. Since everything is considered to be physical therefore everything can be understood, resolved and improved by understanding the facts and evidence associated with it. This is how science advances by looking, by discovering and by understanding the facts and evidence associated with matter and nature.

According to Theory of Self-Relativity, facts and evidence are the basis of understanding, learning and knowing how everything, including us, exists and relates to each other. To be able to self-improve and to live a content, fulfilling and happy life; we must learn to think factually because facts and evidence are the only verifiers of reality as reality exists. Factual-thinking enables us to live our life in the most effective way possible and it safeguards us from external and internal lies, fallacies and deceptions. Factual-thinking enables us to live our lives based on facts and evidence and not based on subjective-perspectives and comforting-emotions. By thinking and by living our lives based on facts and evidence, we not only protect our Self from external-negativities, but we also protect our “Self” from our own self-fabricated fallacies and deceptions. Instead of living our life based on unproven comforting hope, faith and beliefs; facts enable us to live our life based on knowledge.

System of Self-Relativity through its “Cognitive-Cognition-Technique” provides us with the tools to develop our skills for self-improvement and to learn how to filter out cluttering and nonfactual-thoughts and to only keep thoughts that are based on facts and evidence. By streamlining our thinking and decision-making abilities into a simple, quick, and repeatable format; System of Self-Relativity helps us to unclutter our mind and it guides us to think based on how reality is and not based on how we want reality to be.

"Theory of Self-Relativity defines the “Cognitive-Cognition-Technique” as “The ability to use our feelings to access and identify our thoughts in order to take proper action”.

By understanding and by applying Theory of Self-Relativity’s Cognitive-Cognition-Technique, our mind and our thinking-system will learn to develop and enhance its thinking-skills in order to identify, resolve or eliminate troubled thoughts quickly, cleverly and consistently. The Cognitive-Cognition-Technique teaches us to use our feelings as symptoms to identify their underlying causal-thoughts so that we can then take proper action.

The Cognitive-Cognition-Technique is our mental-algorithm for proper thinking.