About Self-Relativity

System of Self-Relativity is a revolutionary cognitive thinking system which is founded upon the principle of “Factual-Thinking”. Its core informational and educational component is Theory of Self-Relativity which is the book authored by its Founder Dr. Vahé Ohanessian.

Through its Cognitive-Cognition-Technique, Theory of Self-Relativity teaches how to identify our causal-thoughts via awareness of how we feel and how to resolve or eliminate those thoughts in order for us to take proper action so that we could feel better and have better outcomes.

To feel good…you must think well

According to Theory of Self-Relativity, self-deception is one of the main causes of why we make bad decisions and why we can not improve our lives. Our need to feel good or at the minimum to not feel as bad is the primary factor why we make bad decisions and why we cannot improve our lives. We’d do anything and we’d think of anything that could help us to avoid pain, to feel good, or at the minimum, to feel less-bad; at that moment. We fabricate false-thoughts and fallacious-beliefs in order to avoid discomfort and to rationalize our desired-feelings. Instead of understanding and resolving the causes of why we are feeling what we are feeing, we often choose to justify, excuse and rationalize our unfavorable situation by creating likable-thoughts and comforting-beliefs so that we could avoid the uncomfortable and often painful task of identifying our personal-shortcomings that need improvement.

Instead of seeing reality the way it is; we choose to see reality the way we want it to be.

The Cognitive-Cognition-Technique through mindfulness and unique thought-management techniques teaches us to become aware of our feelings but to not allow our feelings to dictate how we think. By learning to minimize emotional-thinking and by switching to factual-thinking, Theory of Self-Relativity teaches us how awareness and understanding of our feelings and their causal-thoughts could help us learn how to resolve and eliminate many unnecessary and cluttering-thoughts while only retaining thoughts that are factual and are actually applicable to our lives.

Self-Relativity is the fact that we exist; Theory of Self-Relativity is the best explanation of how we exist.