The Problem

The problem

The mystery of the “Self” and its interactions and relationships with the “Self” and with everything and everyone else in order to live a content, fulfilling and happy life is one of the oldest human existential questions. Although understanding of how we interact with other-things in The-Universe is important; the commonly noticeable challenges and difficulties which we experience relative to our self-identity and our sense of Self are our interactions and relationships with our own “Self” and with other-people.

According to Theory of Self-Relativity, lack of self-awareness and a weak or negative sense of Self, due to flawed, emotional and nonfactual-thinking, is the main cause of our personal and interpersonal challenges in life. We are nonconsciously thinking, acting and reacting based on how we want to feel rather than how we should think. Instead of allowing our factual-thoughts to generate our feelings, regardless of how uncomfortable those fact-based feeling could be; we choose to create nonfactual-thoughts and fallacious-beliefs in order to rationalize, justify and support our desired irrational but comfortable-feelings. In other words, our tendency to ignore, deny or avoid confronting uncomfortable facts and personal-shortcomings that need improvement, and our desire to avoid pain, to feel good, or at the minimum, to feel less-bad; causes us to think and believe in nonsense such as positive-thinking, chest-pounding empty motivational peptalks and even miraculous supernatural-interventions.

Self-deception is the main cause of our inability to self-improve and to experience a content, fulfilled and even happier life. The biggest lies we hear are the lies we tell ourselves because the easiest person to fool is our “Self”; hence the revolving problem continues because we just want to feel good and be happy without understanding what we need to do in order to achieve such a state of existence. We continuously fallback from improvement because;

“If it conflicts with how I want to feel therefore, it must not be true”