Most Important Word


When asked what is the most important word ever; majority of people focus on emotions or they focus on a word or an action which is directed externally. Some of the most common answers are love, fear, kindness, family, friends, etc. What most ignore, is the common-factor to everything, everyone and every action that they considered. The most important word ever is the common factor associated with everything that we feel, think, do and everyone and everything that we interact with and it is the only entity that is with us at every moment of our existence. This common factor is our “Self”.

Self is the most important word…ever!

Theory of Self-Relativity defines “Self” as “The collection of the material and immaterial aspects of one’s existence.”

Our self-identity and our sense of Self are not only as a result of our material existence but more importantly they are as a result of our immaterial attributes which are as a result of our consciousness, our mind and as a whole; our thinking-system. Therefore; Theory of Self-Relativity more specifically defines “sense of Self” as;

“The collective combination of one’s consciousness and one’s thoughts”.

As material objects we are no special to The-Universe than any other object is and the only reason that we feel or think that we are special is because we have the ability to think and understand our existence. What sets us apart from other non-living and living things is our ability to think and to feel and behave as a result of our intellectual and critical-thinking abilities.

“We are what we think”

Our existence is relative to how we think, feel and behave with our Self, with others and with Our-Universe. Our-Universe is everything and everyone that we deal with in our lifetime therefore our “Self” is the most important component of our existence. Everything else and everyone else is only relative to our Self and only relative to us while we exist. Since we are the most important entity in Our-Universe and in our lifetime; therefore, we should bring the focus onto our Self by learning to live a “Centered-Self” life that is directed from the “Inside-Out”. A centered-self does not mean self-centered; it means to prioritize our Self first before we do others but not at the expense of others. Centered-self living teaches us to pay attention to our Self before we do so with others. Centered-self teaches us to place our “Self-First” and to live our life from the inside-out which means we connect to everything and everyone else from the core position of our own Self.

“We should make our Self the center of Our-Universe; but we should not make our Self the center of The-Universe.”

Self-First and living a centered-self life should be our core principle of existence. Self is the most important word because what is relative to us and what really matters to us is everything that exists while we are alive. Whether the Sun and the Earth have been around for 4.6 Billion years or the fact that they will cease to exist in the next 5 Billion years from now makes no difference to our “Self” existence. In Our-Universe, the only thing which directly affects us is if the Sun and the Earth are going to be around during the time that we are alive. Although The-Universe, the Sun and the Earth coming to existence allowed us to exist; what they did or what they will do makes no difference to us when we’re not alive. What matters is the relativity of the Sun and the Earth and everything else to us during our lifetime. While the knowledge of the past and future are important for human advancement; what matters is the relativity of everything to our Self during our few decades of lifetime.

Self-first does not mean focusing on our Self by being selfish and only caring for our Self. Self-first means focusing on our Self to make the best out of this almost improbable gift of life that we’ve received. By us focusing on our Self, we are not only going to make the best for our Self during our lifetime but our self-contributions and self-improvements will allow next generations to continue building upon our personal-achievements. Theory of Self-Relativity advocates placing the utmost importance on our Self because when we learn to value our own self-first, we can then properly value everything and everyone else.

If we want to be of value to others we must first learn to be of value to our own Self.