Purpose & Goals

Purpose and meaning are not found nor are they given by someone or by something. Purpose and meaning are created, cultivated and grown from within.

Although we continuously strive to find purpose and meaning which is often asked with the question of “why”; we should focus on finding the cause and the reason of something which is often associated with the question of “how”; regardless, we should always question everything. The way to minimize the desire to seek for purpose and meaning is to learn to think factually because factual-thinking will prevent the mind from seeking and concocting false-patterns in order to create a false purpose for something.

You don’t find your purpose; you create your purpose.

We must create our own purpose from within. Purpose, meaning and goals, just like ambitions and dreams are ours to create; they are not out there for us to find. Purpose, meaning and goals are not given to us by someone or by something else; we give our Self purpose and we must set our own goals in order for us to live a meaningful life. Although other-people and other-things can be motivational; getting motivated does not mean for us to look to find purpose from other-people or from other-things. Despite the facts that motivation could come from other sources;

  • We should not be looking for someone else to give us purpose; for example, a relationship-partner, a mentor or a hero.
  • We should not be looking for something else to give us purpose; for example, nature, The-Universe or material-possessions.
  • We should not be looking for the unproven, the paranormal or the supernatural to give us purpose; for example, God, imaginary-patterns or the afterlife.

Things such as nature and The-Universe exist because of natural and physical-laws and things in our lives happen because of natural and physical laws interacting with our own and with other-people’s existence. Things such as natural-events happen because of a natural-cause and for a natural-reason but they don’t necessarily happen for any purpose or meaning; and especially not for a purpose or meaning solely intended for humans. The-Universe exists because of laws-of-physics and we exist because The-Universe and those laws-of-physics exist. Neither The-Universe nor nature exist nor were created for the purpose of human existence.

Humans exist without a purpose but we should exist for our own purpose.

Since The-Universe was not created nor came into existence for human-beings therefore human-beings are not special to The-Universe. The-Universe cannot and does not care about anything nor does it care about us; it simply exists without a care and without a purpose or a meaning. Although The-Universe does not care any differently about us than it does about a rock on Mars and although we are not special to The-Universe; we are and we must he special to our own Self. Despite the fact that we are not special to The-Universe; we can make Our-Universe special by creating our own purpose and meaning in our own life and when we learn to fulfill our own life, we can then give our Self the purpose to fulfill other-people’s lives; by helping them create their own purpose and meaning.

Purpose is personal and meaning is relative.

In order to set our own purpose for a fulfilled and happy life, we must learn to look at things factually rather than emotionally. We must realize that it is alright for The-Universe to not have any purpose and it is alright for our existence to not have any external meaning. When we recognize these facts which at first could be uncomfortable, we can then learn to give Our-Universe our own purpose and meaning and we can teach others how to give Their-Universe their own purpose and meaning. To live a fulfilling life, we must create our own purpose and we must set our own goals because purpose and goals give us reason to commit, to change, and to improve. Purpose and goals can be anything; from being successful to being healthy or by becoming a volunteer to charities, or to simply being content with our own Self. The meaning of our life comes from personal and self-created purpose and goals.

Purpose and goal are not found nor are they given; they are self-created.

As described throughout Theory of Self-Relativity, desire is one of the two non-negotiables for self-improvement. The other one is introspection, which is our ability to self-inspect and to recognize our weaknesses. Therefore, if we don’t have the desire to improve and to live a fulfilled life, no peptalk nor chest-pounding motivational system could help us. As discussed, purpose must come from within and purpose is not found from the outside nor is it given to us by others. We must create our own purpose because fulfilling our purpose will make our dreams come true. When we desire to improve, we must create a purpose, we must set a goal, and we should dream a dream; because our purpose will lead us to our goal and our goal will lead us to our dream.

As long as we have a purpose, we can set a goal and we can even dream a dream. As we achieve our goal, this newly achieved goal gets added to our purpose because our goal is no longer a goal but it has now become a part of our bigger purpose. Subsequently, as we achieve our goal and as we make our purpose bigger, our initial dream becomes our next goal and we move to dream a new dream. As our dreams become our next goals and as we fulfill each goal; our purpose in life gets bigger and our life’s meaning becomes richer. Goals and dreams are the best way for us to continuously create, replenish and increase our purpose in life; as we move forward in time and through life.

To be fulfilled, don’t just dream big; make your purpose bigger.

Therefore, in order to continuously evolve our process of self-improvement we must create a purpose, we must set a goal and we must dream a dream.

We must always have something to look forward to such as a purpose or a goal, because purpose and goals give our life meaning and this could be set and achieved only by us and not by others. While others can try to help to motivate us, personal drive and motivation could only come from within. This is why constant change and self-improvement are integral to living a fulfilled life.

Creating your own purpose by setting and reaching your goals and dreams, gives your life meaning.