Externalation is a term coined by Theory of Self-Relativity that describes and defines one of the most important yet least identified defense-mechanisms that we deploy which prohibits us from change and improvement.
Theory of Self-Relativity defines “externalation” as “one’s focus and preoccupation with external things and events in order to avoid and distract one’s Self from observing and recognizing one’s own deficiencies”.

As discussed throughout Theory of Self-Relativity, the two non-negotiables for self-improvement are desire and introspection. If one doesn’t have the desire to improve, no system, not even Theory of Self-Relativity could be helpful. Likewise, if one doesn’t have the ability to identify what needs to improve, no system or entity could help a person to change and improve.

Theory of Self-Relativity defines “introspection” as “a person’s awareness, observation, and understanding of one’s own mental-processes and emotional-traits”.

In other words, introspection is “Self-Inspection” because in order for us to be able to resolve or eliminate a negativity, we must first understand the nature and the cause of the negativity. Introspection allows us to turn our observation cameras inside so that we can identify our personal-weaknesses and self-deficiencies that need improvement. However, introspection is often difficult because recognizing our weaknesses is an emotionally uncomfortable and even painful undertaking. It is our nonconscious desire to avoid the uncomfortable, undesirable and often painful task of introspection which causes us to engage in externalation. Therefore, externalation is further defined as;

“To distract and preoccupy one’s Self with external things and events, in order to abstain from introspection”.

According to Theory of Self-Relativity, externalation occurs in a multitude of formats. From constantly engaging in social-media to getting into ideological conflicts with others or through addictive behavior, our tendency to avoid identifying and resolving our own weaknesses is so strong that majority of us waste years if not all of our lifetime in externalation.