10 Enemies

The 10 Enemies
for Self-Improvement

According to Theory of Self-Relativity, in order to live a fulfilled and happy life we must minimize and eliminate negativities first, before we reach for positivities. Without addressing the difficult negative issues in our lives, we cannot jump into trying to feel good and live a fulfilled and happy life. Minimizing negativities is a process which requires awareness, understanding and taking action; in other words, we must learn to change and to improve. In order to change and to improve, simply being motivated is not going to accomplish the task. In order to properly change and improve, we must not only make an effort to change but we must also know what we need to change; therefore, awareness and understanding of what we need to change is just as important as committing and making the change.
To change and improve; we must find the cause in order to alleviate the symptom.

Theory of Self-Relativity has identified the following ten internal and external contributors as the primary reasons why change and improvement has been so difficult and how awareness and understanding of these contributors could put us on the path of resolution and elimination of negativities in our lives. Without awareness, understanding and relating to how these factors influence our existence negatively, we will not be able to move to the next stage of changing and improving our lives positively. Before we try to motivate our Self to change and to improve, we must first become honest with our Self to diagnose the major contributors in our life that prevent us from improvement.

Theory of Self-Relativity has termed and coined the following negative-influencers as the “10-Enemies of Self-Improvement”.
  1. Self-Deception: Thou shalt not lie to thy Self.
    Solution: Thou shalt live based on facts and evidence.
  2. Emotional-Thinking & Placebo-Thinking: Thou shalt not create feel-good thoughts in order to deny or ignore dislikable facts and evidence.
    Solution: Thou shalt think and reason based on facts and evidence; not based on emotions.
  3. Others & Externalation: Thou shalt not prioritize others over thy Self.
    Solution: Self-First; before others, but not at the expense of others.
  4. Dependency & Reliance: Thou shalt not rely or become dependent on others.
    Solution: Thou shalt remain independent and self-reliant.
  5. Uncertainty & Lack of Control: Thou shalt not remain vulnerable by not having control.
    Solution: Thou shalt be in control by seeking facts and by gaining knowledge.
  6. Denial & Ignorance: Thou shalt not deny and ignore facts and evidence.
    Solution: Thou shalt seek facts and evidence regardless of how inconvenient, dislikeable or painful such facts may be.
  7. Faith, Hope & Beliefs: Thou shalt not "believe” in something without reason, facts or evidence.
    Solution: Thou shalt “know” by relying on facts and evidence.
  8. Patterns, Biases & Purpose: Thou shalt not create false-thoughts and baseless-beliefs to comfort thy Self.
    Solution: Thou shalt think based on facts and evidence.
  9. Cognitive-Dissonance & Procrastination: Thou shalt not rationalize falsehood nor delay action.
    Solution: Thou shalt think factually and take action.
  10. Living in Scarcity: Thou shalt not live without choice or with few options.
    Solution: Thou shalt live in abundance by increasing personal-value.